All you need to know about silicone wristbands Australia

There’s a lot to learn about silicone wristbands, Australia for you to know the one to go for. The multiple purposes silicone wristbands can help include:

  • Raise people’s awareness of your advocacy
  • Use as promotional giveaways during festivals or events
  • Serve as access tickets or passes during conferences and other public events
  • Serve as a fashionable statement for attendees in festivals held in outdoor venues

While the multiple purposes of silicone wristbands are known, knowing the right type to use for your event is important, too. Some of the ideas that can help you choose the right types of silicone wristbands for your next event include:

Dual-layered wristbands

The dual-layered silicone wristbands are the perfect choice when you want to use various colour combinations to come up with a trendy design. Oil spraying the exterior of the rubber is the process that changes its colour and provides a unique glossy texture as well. In the meantime, the colour of the interior and the debossed part of the bracelet remain the same.

Ink-filled wristbands

A statement is created when opting for ink-filled silicone wristbands. The message is easily seen with the different colour filled in the wristband’s debossed style. Events with advocacy do well in conveying a fashionable statement in using this type of silicone wristband.

The various colour options available with silicone allow you to find the right one for your advocacy.

Debossed wristbands

A minimalist look is gained with a silicone wristband featuring the same hue as the engraved message. This type of silicone wristband works well when you want to achieve a classier and more refined statement. The availability of colour options ranging from subtle pastels, vibrant hues, and glow-in-the-dark options allows you to choose the right one.

Charity campaigns are the top events that have popularised this type of silicone wristband.

Laser-made wristbands

The latest laser technology is available with silicone bracelets as well. Opting for laser-made wristbands enables you to have your particular design or text engraved precisely on the surface. Events are easily and effectively promoted with silicone wristbands showing particular brands or services.

Embossed wristbands

Embossed wristbands are the exact style opposite of the debossed silicone wristbands. For one thing, embossed wristbands are more eye-catching than their debossed counterpart. Making a brand or advocacy stand out, even more, is by using a different colour for the message than the bracelet. Using the same hue for the message and the wristband is also the best way to achieve a uniform look.

Screen-printed wristbands

Going for screen-printed wristbands is the perfect choice when you want to use more than one colour. The colours and design you want to show on the silicone wristbands are achieved by the screen-printing machine.

The quick and creative screen printing also makes it the most cost-effective type of silicone wristband. Achieving the precise design you have in mind is easy by using this technique.

The personalised and unique look of the rubber bracelet is great give-aways accessory for weddings, birthdays, and other celebratory occasions.

The most versatile and durable type of wristbands today is the silicone wristbands. Their durability and attractiveness make them one of the best personalised and promotional accessories for all attendees. Customising them is the smartest way to promote your business brand or advocacy. Contact us at _________to learn more about silicone wristbands.