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With customer satisfaction being our essential priority, we aim to serve our customers with the best and the freshest of the sea food. We strive to maintain an immensely customer-oriented environment with consumer-friendly staff and chefs to cook the most scrumptious seafood dishes.

our customers’ preferences

In addition to this, we are always trying to cook according to our customers’ preferences. Our chef’s recommendations are according to what our customers absolutely love, keeping in mind their potential allergies too! We, the seafood restaurant’s representatives, try our best to never fail in receiving reviews from our customers and actually consider modifications according to the recommendations and suggestions provided to us.
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In addition to all this, we offer takeaway services to give even more ease to our customers. For takeaways too, the whole staff of the Restaurant works productively to make sure the standards, tastes, and the proportions of the seafood dishes aren’t ever compromised. This is just a necessity to be fulfilled by us to offer customers the best of their experiences when eating our cooked dishes.

loyal customer

Furthermore, because developing a loyal customer base that keeps on coming back to us is what our vision is, we ensure to serve dishes of remarkable standards, that too at very reasonable prices. What we greatly desire is to make our customers never regret their decisions of choosing Fish Face Australia to dine at or get their takeaways from.

seafood based dishes,

Lastly, because we specialize in seafood based dishes, we have designed our interior to make our customers feel completely at home, relaxed and enjoying every bite of the wholesome dishes we serve, completely indulged in the flavors and aromas while having the food. We hope our existing customers continue heading to our eatery as well as the new ones try our dishes at least once!

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How to Host Corporate Functions on the Gold Coast?

Hosting corporate functions is stressful for almost everyone, but making the functions successful and memorable is more stressful for everyone. It would be best to focus on so much during your preparations for corporate functions to make your corporate functors successful and memorable. Since you have attended other corporate functions hosted by others, think about the functions you did not enjoy and remember what was wrong with the functions. Also, remember the events you attended, and you had a great time during their corporate functions and tried to visualise what made those functions enjoyable. With the two scenarios in mind, you will know what to do and what to avoid to ensure that your functions are successful and memorable.

Tips for Making Corporate Functions Successful and Memorable on the Gold Coast

If you plan to host a corporate function on the Gold Coast, you must be stressed out enough with the preparations for the function. This article will help you easily find out what you can do to make any corporate functions you host the most successful and memorable. If you make use of the tips discussed below, then you do not have to worry about the outcome of your corporate functions;

  • Have a purpose for hosting the corporate functions

The best tip to help you organise and host the most successful and memorable corporate functions is always hosting with a purpose. Unlike the parties people are always hosting without any purpose hosting corporate functions,  you need a purpose for the function. When you know why you will be hosting your corporate fun, you will have a clear objective, making planning that easier.

  • Plan the functions ahead of time

Hosting corporate functions after making rushed decisions to host the function is only beneficial to some. Start planning the event early if you want the most successful and memorable corporate functions. When you start planning early, you will ensure that you make the right decisions regarding your corporate functions. Also, if you need to consult about the function theme and select an avenue for your corporate function, you will have all the time you need. In addition, you will have ample time to decide on the people you will be inviting and ensure that you inform them of the date so they can save it.

  • Select the best function venues

Did you know that the conference venues you select to host your corporate function determine whether your function is successful and memorable? The worst mistake people make when planning to host a corporate function is selecting the wrong venue. Therefore, be careful about the venues you select for your corporate functions on the Gold Coast. To choose the right function venue, ensure that you decide what you and your guest need for the event. This way, you can select venues that will fit your needs.

  • Having ample space for networking

If you want to make your events memorable, give your guests a chance to network. Meeting new friends and learning new ideas is all your guests must do after the event. This is why you must ensure they have ample networking space.

Hosting events is always stressful for everyone on the Gold Coast. If you still have challenges planning your corporate functions, consider hiring an event planner to prepare and plan the event. This way, you will be very sure that you will have professional support, and things will be a lot easier for you.

All you need to know about silicone wristbands Australia

There’s a lot to learn about silicone wristbands, Australia for you to know the one to go for. The multiple purposes silicone wristbands can help include:

  • Raise people’s awareness of your advocacy
  • Use as promotional giveaways during festivals or events
  • Serve as access tickets or passes during conferences and other public events
  • Serve as a fashionable statement for attendees in festivals held in outdoor venues

While the multiple purposes of silicone wristbands are known, knowing the right type to use for your event is important, too. Some of the ideas that can help you choose the right types of silicone wristbands for your next event include:

Dual-layered wristbands

The dual-layered silicone wristbands are the perfect choice when you want to use various colour combinations to come up with a trendy design. Oil spraying the exterior of the rubber is the process that changes its colour and provides a unique glossy texture as well. In the meantime, the colour of the interior and the debossed part of the bracelet remain the same.

Ink-filled wristbands

A statement is created when opting for ink-filled silicone wristbands. The message is easily seen with the different colour filled in the wristband’s debossed style. Events with advocacy do well in conveying a fashionable statement in using this type of silicone wristband.

The various colour options available with silicone allow you to find the right one for your advocacy.

Debossed wristbands

A minimalist look is gained with a silicone wristband featuring the same hue as the engraved message. This type of silicone wristband works well when you want to achieve a classier and more refined statement. The availability of colour options ranging from subtle pastels, vibrant hues, and glow-in-the-dark options allows you to choose the right one.

Charity campaigns are the top events that have popularised this type of silicone wristband.

Laser-made wristbands

The latest laser technology is available with silicone bracelets as well. Opting for laser-made wristbands enables you to have your particular design or text engraved precisely on the surface. Events are easily and effectively promoted with silicone wristbands showing particular brands or services.

Embossed wristbands

Embossed wristbands are the exact style opposite of the debossed silicone wristbands. For one thing, embossed wristbands are more eye-catching than their debossed counterpart. Making a brand or advocacy stand out, even more, is by using a different colour for the message than the bracelet. Using the same hue for the message and the wristband is also the best way to achieve a uniform look.

Screen-printed wristbands

Going for screen-printed wristbands is the perfect choice when you want to use more than one colour. The colours and design you want to show on the silicone wristbands are achieved by the screen-printing machine.

The quick and creative screen printing also makes it the most cost-effective type of silicone wristband. Achieving the precise design you have in mind is easy by using this technique.

The personalised and unique look of the rubber bracelet is great give-aways accessory for weddings, birthdays, and other celebratory occasions.

The most versatile and durable type of wristbands today is the silicone wristbands. Their durability and attractiveness make them one of the best personalised and promotional accessories for all attendees. Customising them is the smartest way to promote your business brand or advocacy. Contact us at _________to learn more about silicone wristbands.

Available Whale-watching Tours Fraser Island Packages

The top whale-watching destination in Australia is Fraser Island. From August to October, the western bay of Fraser Island’s calm waters provides a haven for humpbacks every year.

Whale-watching tours, Fraser Island offers everyone who wants to view up close the gentle giants as they relax and play. Spectacular displays of frolicking whales are a bucket list experience you get with the whale-watching tours, Fraser Island.

Whale-watching tours, Fraser Island include:

Whale-watching Cruise Tour

The months from August to October become magical as humpbacks make their yearly appearance on the calm waters of Fraser Island. These gentle giants are an inquisitive lot that likes to watch people as well.

Choosing the whale-watching cruise tour provides:

  • Guaranteed close encounters with the whales
  • Information about the whales related in Korean, English, German, Japanese, Italian, Spanish, and French
  • Swim with the whales’ upgrade
  • Include light refreshments, coffee, and tea

Whale-watching and Fraser Tour Package

The western coast’s calm water of Fraser Island is one of the places humpbacks come to nurture their young, play, relax, and learn important life skills. The awe-inspiring sights of the whales on Fraser Island happen like clockwork every year in August and October.

Looking at these gentle giants only metres away is a truly marvellous way of enjoying the holidays. Opting for the whale-watching and Fraser tour package includes:

  • 4WD tour of Fraser Island including all the scenic spots, National Park fees, and lunch
  • Resort hotel accommodation for 3 nights
  • A half-day whale-watching cruise
  • Free daily breakfast
  • Return ferry transfers
  • Swimming with the whales upgrade included in the whale-watching cruise

Fraser Island Whales and Lunch Tour

Choosing this package tour ensures an exciting, fun, and educational time on Fraser Island. This particular tour is the only one that offers whale-watching that goes through Kingfisher Bay Resort. The package tour includes:

  • Return transfers to your accommodation
  • Light refreshments, coffee, and tea
  • Fully-licensed bar
  • Sandbar and Bistro at Kingfisher Bay complimentary lunch
  • Offers informative history, commentary, and local knowledge
  • Full access to all amenities of Kingfisher Bay Resort including showers, pool, toilets, spa, and more
  • Include hydrophone use to listen to underwater whale song
  • An experienced whale watch crew
  • An exciting opportunity swimming with the whales’ upgrade

Morning Half-day Whale Watch Tour Cruise

An unforgettable whale-watching adventure is offered by the morning half-day whale watch tour cruise. The morning cruise starts from 8:30AM to 1PM. Amenities include:

  • 5 spacious levels with 6 viewing decks
  • Expert commentary on the features of Fraser Island and the whales
  • Courtesy transfers between marina and accommodation
  • Free WiFi
  • Complimentary morning tea
  • Hydrophone use to the singing of the whales
  • Include large underwater viewing rooms
  • Includes activities for kids such as toys, colouring books, and activity booklets
  • Souvenir kiosk
  • Air-conditioned comfort

Afternoon Half-day Whale Watch Tour Cruise

The afternoon half-day cruise starts from 1:30PM to 5:30PM. All the amenities with the half-day morning cruise are likewise offered with the afternoon cruise.

The various tours on Fraser Island offer the perfect opportunity for both whale-watcher enthusiasts and nervous first-timers. Getting up close and personal to the gentle giants is probably the most magnificent experience for anyone. Be on board Hervey Bays award winning whale watching boat.

Varied Accommodation Types

The wide array of holiday possibilities also presents the dilemma of choosing from among the varied types of accommodation. Knowing the differences between the various types of available accommodations out there helps to determine the perfect match for your holidays.

Often the differences of accommodation can be subtle, making the decision a bit tough. This article means to serve as a guideline for making the choice of accommodation easier and hassle-free.

Cottage accommodations

Traditional cottage accommodations are often confused with furnished accommodations and bnbs. The difference of cottage accommodations is with its being specific to countryside’s tourism, including the mountains and seas as well. Owners of cottage accommodations don’t live in them which means that no meals are offered to guests. This makes cottage accommodations the complete opposite of bed and breakfast accommodations.

Homestay accommodations

Homestay accommodations are often confused with bnbs.  Opting for Homestay accommodations is to rent a room inside an owner’s home. The room rental can last for a few days or extend to a couple of months, depending on your need.

Hotel accommodations

The top classic when it comes to tourist accommodation is hotels. The varied types of rooms available in hotel accommodations ranging from single to royal suites caters to every visitor’s need and budget. The offer of room and board such as free breakfast for an overnight stay makes hotels the popular choice for tourists. The amenities from swimming pools, room service, sports facilities, wellness areas, and more offered by hotels remain top visitor drawers.

Campsite accommodations

Families on a budget can still enjoy their holidays by opting for campsite accommodations. The equipped ground provided by campsite accommodations offer visitors the chance to park their camping vans, caravans, or pitch their tents. Play areas, swimming pool, and other recreational amenities are the services provided by many campsite accommodations.

Shelter accommodations

Rustic vacations are enjoyed best in traditional shelter accommodation settings. Climbers and hikers have popularised the establishment of shelter accommodations that offer a guard, empty spaces ideal for sleeping bags, a bathroom, food and drinks.

Bed and breakfast accommodations

Bed and breakfast accommodations have become increasingly popular with the homely and welcoming environment they provide. The inclusion of free breakfast for an overnight stay is another feature that makes bnbs highly popular with tourists on a budget.

Stop-over accommodations

Trails such as bike paths and hiking trails have encouraged the growth of stop-over or “halt” accommodations. Considered as another group of “cottages”, the halt cottages are geared to provide accommodations for pilgrims, hikers, riders, and cyclists on their journey.

Mobile home, bungalow, or rental accommodations

Rental, mobile home, or bungalow accommodations are seen as outdoor hotel accommodations. The sharp contrast between outdoor environments to a fully-equipped cottage makes this type of accommodation quite popular with campers.

Youth Hostel accommodations

Common showers and shared rooms are the things experienced by staying in youth hostel accommodations. The shared kitchen and relaxation areas are some of the amenities provided by youth hostels to various travellers.

Travelling is seen as the best teacher when it comes to learning different cultures and people. Knowing the things offered by different accommodation options make the travel enjoyable and exciting. Booking an accommodation ahead of time is the smartest way for a traveller to look forward to an enjoyable time in a new place.

Best Sydney Tours Of 2020

If you’re in Sydney and are looking for an adventure but don’t have enough time to take a long vacation, then these sydney 1 day tour are for you! These places are near enough to the city that you can get back within a day or two and yet are still worthy enough for you to get out of the city and make your own escape to these wonders;

Royal National Park

The Royal National park is a wonder to visit and will replenish all your lost energies and will help you reconnect with Nature. If you’re looking for a escape from the hustle and bustle of the city and want to enjoy a scenic day or even a weekend then the Royal National Park is a great place to start! You can cycle your way on the Loftus loop trail, go swimming under the waterfalls, take in the panoramic and scenic views of the coastal cliffs. Go trekking in the woods or just sleep under the stars – the world is your oyster for that perfect weekend!

Blue Mountains

The Blue Mountains are a national treasure for Australia and are full of majestic, scenic and beautifully wondrous views that one could ask for. Just a 1-2 hour drive from Sydney, you find yourself detached from the noise and are suddenly transported to breath-taking landscapes. Make sure you take pictures along the way because this is a trip you won’t want to forget.You can stop at the small town of Leura, with restaurants and neat little outlets for tourists and travellers that are bound to interest you. The mountains themselves are majestic and can be experienced through multiple ventures like cable cars, skyway and the world’s steepest train. So get ready for an experience of a lifetime that will help you appreciate nature in all its entirety! Not to mention, you can take a cruise or watch the sunset at the three sisters rock formation or even camp under the starry sky!

Hunter Valley

If you’re a foodie looking for a fun day trip or even a weekend getaway then Hunter valley is a great option to sneak away to. It’s about 250 kms away from Sydney but is home to great and interesting artisan foods of unmatched quality. You can get a variety of cheeses, chocolates, olives and other amazing nom-noms while you’re here. This valley is also famous for being fertile and having fresh, great produce that you can enjoy in signature and mouth-watering dishes at numerous restaurants in the valley. You can also hike through vast landscapes and trails of eucalyptus trees after having the meal of your life!

Fedagripesca, anti-waste food fish

Zero waste, an increasingly sustainable food consumption where fish and shellfish stand out, in the sign of the environment and savings. This is the opinion of 3 out of 4 Italians, for whom the time of purchase is essential to achieve these goals. Fedagripesca-Confcooperative fishing sector carried out on the occasion of World Food Day. For Italians, in fact, fish, molluscs and crustaceans are the ingredients that symbolize eco-spending, as the product is less wasted. Pink sweater with fresh fish product, followed by frozen foods and canned ones. To avoid throwing food, the association specifies, the Italians use different strategies: 36.84% choose to buy only small quantities, 31.58% only what is needed, 15.79% freezes expiring products, 10.53% engage in creative cooking recipes with leftovers, while 5.26% buy long-term products.

But to not really throw anything away, we need to enhance the “fifth quarter” of fish in the kitchen. From eggs, such as caviar and bottarga, to tripe, from cheek to heart, passing through head and bones, there are many fish products that allow 100% use. For mono menus based on fish products, saving savings and anti-waste, Fedagripesca recommends small blue fish, such as sardines and anchovies, but also bivalve molluscs, such as mussels and clams, which can also be purchased in small quantities. Yes to the filleted product, well also flat fish such as sole, which allow less waste of product than those of large size or species very common in restaurants such as sea bass and sea bream that are not consumed in full. (HANDLE).

Summer, fresh fish at the table between apps and grandma’s tips

ROME – From technology to grandmother’s advice, everything is needed to ensure at the table the freshness of fish, molluscs and shellfish. At a time of year where, as always, consumption increases, Fedagripesca Confcooperative takes the field, noting that for two Italians out of three it is precisely doubts about freshness that slow down purchases in the shopping cart.

The association is the sworn enemy of these products, because it accelerates the decay, also due to a thermal shock that occurs when the fish are removed from the fresh and deep waters of the sea and brought to the ground where are high temperatures.

According to the association, it is enough to follow a few simple rules to buy fresh fish, also passing through the app ‘Che pesce sono?’. And therefore prefer trusted stores, opt for unprocessed products to prevent spices and sauces from covering unpleasant smells. In fact, whole fish is better than filleted, because its state can be understood from the eye to the gills. Green disc, therefore, with hard meat, bright eye, scales well adherent to the body and red gills.

But if the senses are not enough, the free application on smartphone developed by the association, which allows you to have information on seasonality, scientific and commercial name, minimum marketable size, fishing methods, morphological characteristics and nutritional qualities. An indispensable freshness-saving tool which, according to the association, should be accompanied by the obligation for vendors and restaurateurs to make the catch date of the product visible. An information that would like to have 75% of Italians, notes Fedagripesca, who today, despite being provided by the fisherman, is lost along the supply chain.

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